Mixing up my caffeine

One of the odd little habits I picked up when I first got my own place was to drink tea without cream or milk. I drink a lot of tea, and I used to love it light and creamy, but keeping a supply of fresh dairy products on hand became problematic. When it came time to mix in my sweetener, I would use a spoon and then wash it immediately. This got old after a while, and I decided it would be much more efficient to just put the sweetener in the cup before pouring my tea.

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How to blog badly

I’ve come to realize that I’m really bad at blogging. I don’t seem to have any difficulties putting words to paper, but the act of publishing what I’ve written presents me with a bit of a quandary; I just can’t seem to take a post out of draft status until I’ve gone over it several times. I perform revisions and rewording, check to make sure nothing I’ve said would offend any current or future employers, make sure what I’m posting is useful and interesting to somebody, and… well, the list of excuses goes on.

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Audi Instrument Cluster LCD Replacement



I’ve been dealing with a failing LCD in the instrument cluster of my Audi for years.  At first a horizontal line or two would just disappear on me, and come back after an hour with the engine running.  Over time the number of missing lines increased, and they stayed missing permanently. It finally reached the point seen here, where it is difficult and sometimes impossible to read the information displayed. The longer I tried to ignore the problem, the worse it became.

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And so it begins

Why a blog?

I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a few years now. What held me back was mostly a feeling that nobody out there would really care what I have to say. I’ve since decided that I just don’t care. I’m writing this blog because I can, and its immaterial if nobody finds it useful. If they do, all the better.

What to expect

I’m not entirely sure where this thing will lead. To start the ball rolling, I’ve come up with a few topics that I’d like to write about.


  • Programming
    Coding, scripting, config files, its all good.
  • Technology
    My thoughts on technology.
  • Philosophy
    A broad topic, but I have a broad interest in it.
  • Design
    I can’t draw, but I can design!
  • Reviews
    If I own it or have used it, I’m going to talk about it here.
  • Gaming
    I’m not exactly a hardcore gamer at the moment, but I’ve been there.
  • Miscellaneous
    Everything else.