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  • Extensive knowledge of storage, security, data transfer, agile software development, and media centric workflows.


    CTO, Media & Entertainment 06/2021 – Present

    • Provided industry-specific thought leadership for clients; Formulated internal technology stratagy and roadmap.
    • Scoped and architected solutions for clients, and for the Artist Anywhere platform.
    • Defined and managed global datacenter strategy and architecture.
    • Supported TPN security business with strategy, consulting, and services.
    • Assisted software and devops teams with designing and deploying a CI/CD strategy.
    • Developed automated provisioning strategy for infrastructure as code.
    • Enabled real-time analytics to ensure quality assurance.
  • Eikon
    Vice President of Technology 05/2019 – 05/2021

    • Planned the construction of a 10000 sqft expansion to the LA office.
    • Developed global storage architecture with a single global namespace and data tiering between facilities and the cloud.
    • Designed and implemented automated workflows to support both existing and future lines of business.
  • Eikon
    Director of Technology 10/2017 – 05/2019

    • Planned and oversaw end to end construction of a new 20000 sqft facility for the LA office.
    • Designed and implemented the storage architecture, network topology, and security systems for new LA facility.
    • Developed new workflows and technologies to streamline production and increase throughput.
    • Researched third party technologies and software to evaluate their ability to support business growth.
    • Oversaw global Technology department which spans Information Technology, Systems Engineering, and Data IO.
  • Deluxe Entertainment
    Director of Product Management 04/2017 – 10/2017

    • Defined and executed the product vision and roadmap for storage, templating, and automated delivery.
    • Elicited use cases and requirements from key internal and external stakeholders.
    • Drove feature prioritization and user stories within an Agile development process.
    • Developed and maintained in-depth knowledge of multiple products.
    • Managed resources to ensure development timelines are met.
    • Designed and delivered automated deilvery workflows for multiple business units.
  • Deluxe Entertainment – Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema
    Director, Global Data Architecture 07/2016 – 04/2017

    • Designed and implemented robust architecture and workflows for data management and transmission.
    • Solved complex technology and development challenges.
    • Optimized and scaled workflows to achieve commercial levels of stability, robustness, and performance.
    • Developed secure workflows and automation to allow for efficient and accurate data transmission.
    • Drove technical innovations for data management and transmission through strategic planning and research.
    • Remained up-to-date on new technologies, products, standards, and opportunities.
    • Provided development teams with insight and guidance on production workflows and automation goals.
    • Created new opportunities, revenue streams, and directions for the company.
    • Provided guidance on hardware/software performance and tuning for high speed production workflows.
    • Facilitated effective, comprehensive, and consistent communication with clients, operations, and executive staff.
    • Developed proposals, business models, financial analysis, and technical data for new projects.
    • Provided oversight and guidance to the data operations department.
  • Deluxe Entertainment – Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema
    Manager, Data Operations & Architecture 07/2015 – 07/2016

    • Managed a team 13 of highly skilled data operators, providing 24/7/365 coverage.
    • Defined the architecture of the the storage environments for mastering and distribution.
    • Monitored and optimized the health and performance of the storage environments.
    • Established data transmission workflows with a multitude of companies.
    • Developed secure workflows to prevent mishandling of client content, and provide an audit trail.
    • Oversaw the expansion of archiving workflows to capture new revenue streams.
    • Developed workflow changes and automation goals to allow greater efficiency and capacity.
    • Provided on-call engineering support to production operations.
    • Developed workflows and software to streamline production operations and provide disaster recovery.
  • Technicolor – Digital Cinema
    Data Engineer 06/2014 – 07/2015

    • Provided engineering support to all departments, with a focus on software configuration and troubleshooting.
    • Developed scripts and software to automate processes, improve workflows, and provide data verification.
    • Designed, implemented, and documented an automated archive system for DCPs using an LTO tape library.
    • Created DCP analysis library to provide license-free validation of DCPs.
    • Configured a new Stornext SAN environment with 36 clients operating over fibre channel and ethernet.
    • Defined a SAN layout and structure to allow operators and automation to quickly locate relevant data.
    • Hardened servers, workstations, infrastructure, and workflows to adhere to Marvel security requirements.
    • Developed workflows to efficiently use available hardware and operators, while meeting security obligations.
    • Evaluated new software/hardware for its potential use in digital cinema workflows, and advised on purchasing.
    • Interfaced with software development team to provide workflow information and business knowledge.
  • Technicolor – Digital Cinema
    Data Operator 07/2013 – 06/2014

    • Managed all incoming and outgoing data, both digital and physical.
    • Performed regular clean-up, maintenance, and archiving of the production SAN.
    • Ensured that all security protocols and standards are adhered to.
    • Guaranteed 100% accuracy for all data deliveries.
  • Tasker’s Well Company
    Information Technology Manager
    May 2002 – June 2013 

    • Configured software solutions for accounting, inventory management, invoicing, scheduling, and backup.
    • Provided technical support to all staff, and maintained all hardware and software.
    • Implemented a database driven application to store data and submit forms to state reporting agencies.
    • Created promotional materials and coordinated online and offline advertising campaigns.
    • Designed and maintained the company website.
  • Valtech
    Consultant | Enron, Chase
    May 2000 – August 2001 

    • Modeled and documented business processes for online commodities trading, as used in EnronOnline.
    • Designed and developed an improved architecture and design for the second version of EnronOnline.
    • Designed and implemented an instant messaging and email system and integrated it into EnronOnline.
    • Trained Enron developers in J2EE Technologies, and to maintain and extend the EnronOnline codebase.
    • Developed a unified build system for several projects; decreased compilation times by up to a factor of 20.
    • Researched, developed, and documented libraries for use in an online banking application.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
    Senior Software Engineer
    September 1999 – December 2001 

    • Led a team of 4 developers in the creation of web based applications using J2EE and Oracle technologies.
    • Conceptualized and created a framework to facilitate the rapid creation and deployment of applications.
    • Created comprehensive and detailed technical design documents.
    • Performed analysis on and enhancement of software process and development procedures.
    • Conducted resource estimation and planning for current and future projects.
    • Provided support, troubleshooting, and maintenance for dozens of software products.


  • Anathema
    May 2012 – Present
    • Officially endorsed tool for creation, management, and PDF export of data for the tabletop role-playing game Exalted. Standalone Java application, cross-platform, open source, ~5000 active users.
    • Fixed dozens of bugs, added numerous new features.
    • Rewrote the build system to work on all platforms and deploy to all platforms.
    • Migrated the project to Java7, with a bundled JRE packaged as part of the distribution.