How to blog badly

I’ve come to realize that I’m really bad at blogging. I don’t seem to have any difficulties putting words to paper, but the act of publishing what I’ve written presents me with a bit of a quandary; I just can’t seem to take a post out of draft status until I’ve gone over it several times. I perform revisions and rewording, check to make sure nothing I’ve said would offend any current or future employers, make sure what I’m posting is useful and interesting to somebody, and… well, the list of excuses goes on.

I think its just a carryover from learning to write in high school and college. I’ve been trained to write papers, and this involves a lot of research, analysis, revision, citation, the whole nine yards. Writing papers is a lot of hard work, I just don’t think blogging should be that hard. It occurs to me that I should be having fun writing here, and currently I’m not.

At this moment I have half a dozen posts written, waiting in the wings for me to press the publish button. I haven’t posted them for many reasons. One discusses a subject I’m not sure is appropriate, another needs more research to back it up, and a third just muddles around without making much of a point. The only posts I’ve put up so far are semi-useful pieces on programming and technology, but that isn’t all I want to write about. I want to express my opinions, discuss my thoughts, and just rant for a page or two about random things that bug me.

I’ve become too concerned with how visitors will take what I write here. I could blog anonymously and let my thoughts run wild, but its another layer of effort. As it stands, everything I put up will be preserved for eternity in the ether, and anybody with a web browser will be able to track it all down. I’ve decided that I just don’t care anymore. I’d rather put something up that interests me than nothing at all.

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